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Re: Line6 Echo Pro---Pros and Cons

Quoting Cfilben@aol.com:
> Can someone please fill me in on the pros and cons of the Line6 Echo 
>Pro? I 
> see it sells for abou $299 retail, roughly what I'd like to spend on a 
> looper, but I know relatively little about it as compared with other 
> costing less than $500. I'd certainly appreciate any feedback and other 
> recommendations you might have.

no sync. mono. no control over feedback. i'm sure it sounds great, but ...

the new Roland DD-20 looks like the perfect looping solution for a tiny 
it's a stereo delay, has feedback control, infinite hold (i think ..), and 
(very cool) a digital display of your exact delay time in seconds or beats 
you're tapping the tempo). oh yeah: 23 seconds. that's plenty (for many 

it is supposed to be in stores by the end of the week and street for less 
200 dollars.

of course, it is a roland product. i wouldn't buy one unless you had a 
to use it first.

eric williamson

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