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RE: Laptop recommendations

> bIz writes:
> Let me reiterate - this isn't ground hum - this is noise. Louder
> than a line level signal.
> What model is your >old< laptop? Perhaps it's only an issue with
> units made in the past two or three years..

I've got a year old DELL Inspiron 8100 laptop that I've been happy with.  I
couldn't recall having any noise problems, so I decided to check it out.

I'm using the audio on the mother board, hooked up to a Mackie 1402 (using
one of the stereo channels, w/input gain set for -10db devices), hooked up
to some cheap powered speakers.  Under normal listening conditions I hear 
noise (re-charger connected or not).  I also don't hear any noise under
normal conditions using headphones connected to the headphone out on the
mixer.  If I turn off the music, and crank up the volume of the headphone
output on the mixer, I do get some definite electronic noise that goes away
when I disconnect the re-charger.

Clearly your mileage varies.


Dave Hastings
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