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Re: Hooking up EDP (or other racks) with PA

  Ernie, have you thought about using a good impedance adapter?  You could
go from the out of the plex via the adapter, to an XLR cable.  I've not had
any noise issues with these, and it would be less equipment.  



At 10:00 AM 4/2/03 -0800, you wrote:
>Question: since I am working with acoustice instruments and a live mike, I
>usually run my own mikes into my own pre-amp/monitor, which then goes to a
>front-of-house board. My output cable that I give to the FOH soundman is a
>line out XLR, ie, low impedance.
>The EDP, and many other rackmount units, have a Line Out 1/4" jack, so the
>question is: would it be better for me to get a small mixer with XLR outs,
>and then run the EDP thru an effects loop (inserts) thru the mixer? Or is
>there a better way? I want only the minimum equipment for the job, but
>high-quality, low noise is my highest concern.
>In theory, a line out could also be low impedance and balanced, even if it
>was a 1/4" jack (stereo) - but I don't know if the EDP has this.(??)
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