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Re: [looper's] RE: Tube amp HUMMMMMMM...Ground?

I will try that for sure, couldn't hurt.  I've always wondered how long  
will a 12ax7 preamp tube last?  I've got a Digitech 2112 (that's been  
upgraded to the 2120) that's got the original tube it came with.  It's  
got to be almost 10 years old at this point.  I don't use it as much as  
I should, but when I do it seems to work fine and it sounds good to me.

Thanks again for the info,

Mark Sottilaro

On Tuesday, April 1, 2003, at 08:38 AM, Jesse Ray Lucas wrote:

> My Ampeg SVT hummed when I got it (used).  Take it to your local tube  
> amp repair man and get it biased.  That cleared everything up for me.   
> Although, it's ever so slowly starting to go out of whack again, after  
> six months.  But, such is life with tube amps.  I fear the day a tube  
> goes down on stage. 
> -J
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> >>we need to thump a brass/copper rod some 18 inches into the ground  
> next to your water or electric main. then soldier a copper cable from  
> the rod to the main housing.<<
> I'd be surprised if this is what's making the ampeg hum- there are a  
> number of other things I'd try, like reversing the live and neutral  
> (though consult an electrician before pursuing this). if you do  
> install an earth spike as per the above, one vital part of the  
> instruction is missing. you have to pee on it where it goes into the  
> ground- this will, I promise, guarantee the best electrical connection  
> for it.
> duncan.
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