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Re: Tutorial vids (DVD ???)

if there was an edp tutorial vid i'd certainly buy it.
would love to see what others are doing with this,
and if it was put on a DVD format, that would be even BETTER!!!!

>Andre -
>Imagine how many of these Video's you could sell!  And how about skipping
>"video", and getting a DVD's made -- much better as a learning tool as
>students can navigate more quickly between chapters. .
>And DVD's would sell faster and for more.
>Just a thought.
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>Subject: Tutorial vids
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>>  Hans Lindauer and I filmed an EDP tutorial video last fall, which is
>>  currently in rough cut form.  I've been too busy since then to really
>>  sit down and give it a good thorough look, but once I get my album
>>  wrapped I hope to get it squared away and released.
>>  It looks pretty promising - formally filmed and edited, with a rough
>>  two-hour running time, covering the main front panel functions.  More 
>  > this develops...
>  >
>  > --Andre
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