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Re: KSP8 first impressions....it's a looper, too

Hi, Italo!
Why don't you send me one so I can feel  the joy? ;-)
No doubt  the 7000/7500 is a more flexible looper, and a great piece
overall---of course, I DID check it out, spec-wise, as well you know; I
only posted this here because the Kurzweil CAN loop, which  seemed worth
pointing out.
Still, the KSP8 is very impressive and surprisingly cost effective as a
complex and versatile multi-effects/signal-router.
Paired with my beloved Eclipse, why, it's almost Orvillian! (hmmm...maybe
I'll call my rack, um.....WILBUR!....(after the pig)...)


obviously you didn't check a DSP7000 or 7500, which have all those features
you described, w/many more resources, like 43 sec delay or 216 sec
sec sampling, morphing new distortion, Pitchtime (delay/shifter w/real time
time-compression/expansion and pitch shifting (16sec), 32 sec reverse
and shifters, up to 100 taps delay and much, much more, all usable in many
instances in a real open platform.



> Greetings, fellow loopers....just spent some time with an new "tool of
> trade," and wanted to share the meat of a review that's waiting to get
> posted at H-C....btw; best price I've seen is at AMS:  about $2300
> (snip)