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Status: LD T-Shirt Version 2.0

Greetings Loopers,

    I wanted to fill everyone in on the current status of the T-Shirt 

    We now have an officially approved 3 color design,  and the next 
step is
    to get pricing information and a sample shirt printed.

    For the curious, the new design can be viewed here:

    I probably will not be offering different colored shirts, but I am 
going to
    consider  the choice of long or short sleeves.  The printing will 
only appear
    on the front this year, the back will remain untouched by  printer's 

   After I have a sample shirt in hand,  I will post a true life photo 
and begin
   taking orders.

   Just like last year,  shirts will be paid for in advance via Paypal 
or check and
   I will be shipping via Priority Mail  (this simplifies the shipping 
charges and also
   allows me to use boxes from the USPS instead of having to buy them).

  This message is just to let folks know that, indeed, the shirts will 
be happening.
   I will post all the gory details as soon as we are ready, so  stay tuned
   to the list  for all the up-to-date information.  

   The LD T-Shirt project is a fund raiser for the Looper's Delight 
website.  Proceeds
   help offset Kim's costs for running the server.  Last year was a very 
sucessful project ,
   and with this year's  retro, yet modern look and snappy  multi-color 
design, we are
   sure to attract  positive attention.  Yep, folks are gonna come from 
miles around  just to
   catch a glimpse you and your shirt, while you manipulate the looper 
of your choice...



Jason Fink
LD Shirt Guy