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Re: KSP8 first impressions....it's a looper, too

yes...but the KSP8 is nearly a thousand dollars cheaper than the 7K!  that
makes a very big difference for a lot of folks.

i have both: KSP8 and DSP7000.  they're both awesome machines.  does the
eventide have a bigger brain?  yes.  is the eventide more flexible? depends
on who you ask.  is the eventide deeper?  yes.  is one better than the
other?  nobody can answer that question.

as far as i'm concerned, i wouldn't part with either unit.  they're both
very loop-friendly and when used in tandem with my EDPs, the sounds and
routings are virtually endless...very different boxes, both indespensible
for me.


give it some more time, friend.  you're really going to dig that machine.  
agree with your assessment.  are there any HC reviews yet?  i should
probably go post one.