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Burden babies

>Mark sorry to hear that brother,without ofence it is
strange for a mature woman to choose this option as it
is in their nature to have babies.I couldnt begin to
tell you how my kids have changed my life and how much
you learn about yourself through them.Children and
animals are the highest form of purity in this world
and as much of a burden people think they are ,one
smile from your own child has no price and it can be
the medicine to all of your frustrations.Their
inocence is something for us to go back and learn from
as it gets lost along the way.This is why they are to
me the true representation of god.When my 4 year old
grabs my guitar and tries to seriously show my 2 year
old daughter how he can play like me i watch them
secretly in awe... he can barely carry it and i have
tears in my eyes from laughing!
P.S.(If you saved some of your fruitful sperm you
still have a chance!)

> Someone like my wife, who's never wanted children
> and drove me to my 
> vasectomy to make sure it didn't happen, must have
> been crazy to choose 
> to be barren and spend her extra leisure time doing
> music, graphic and 
> jewelry design when she could have had the joy of
> bearing and raising 
> my children instead.  (who I'm sure would be sweet
> little angels, just 
> like I am/was)  Also, I see that my reason to make
> music is totally 
> different now that I'm infertile.



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