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SV: LAPTOP recommendations for LIVE LOOPING?

> I would really love to get some advise on...

Hi Rick,

Go and buy the April issue of Computer Music. You'll find some good info
in their "Lap it Up!" mobile music special feature.

As a user of both Mac and pc machines I would guess that a lot of
creative stuff will be out for Mac in a near future. My own Macs are too
old to run OSX and I'm planning to stay with Intel, as my recent laptop,
at least one more year until the next line of much faster (new CPU chip)
Apple machines will be out. But if I had a lot of money today I would go
for a 17" PowerBooks right away ;-)  I'm getting a cheap second hand G4
now only for software testing under OSX, but keeping my 2,1 GHz P4 as
the main studio machine (until faster and hopefully cheaper Macs are

I had no personal experience with PC's before I got my first one five
years ago. Before that I was using ATARI and then only Macs. What I
would like to say is that I  was kind of a shocked, coming from the Mac,
to find out how much can go wrong with a PC. I just couldn't believe
that so many people was using that interface for their daily work
(Win98). I really had to sit down and learn a lot of stuff to get the
most out of the PC studio system. In fact I learned those tweaks so well
that I was recruited for beta testing PC versions of my audio sequencer
of choice (which was cool ;-), but as the company got bought by Apple
anyway I could as well have stayed with Macs all the time and saved a
lot of money and troubleshooting time ;-)


Per Boysen