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Re: Patch Bay Question...

I use the gl also and i haven't noticed any tone degradation
i agree that more than 2 CC's would be good and i would also like it to be able to transmit more types of midi messages and have fade in not a global option but on a per patch basis.
apart from that it's fantastic i toughly recommend them !
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Subject: Re: Patch Bay Question...

> Jim,
> > "didn't effect my tone as much"
> >
> > how so?  i've not experienced any tone degradation, if that's what you're
> > insinuating.
> The Switchblade tends to "thin out" my tone.  My guitar doesn't sound quite
> as full when it is in my signal path...which is to be expected.
> > by the way, which model are you using and how are you connected (i.e. -
> > bal/unbal, cable, plugs, etc.)?
> I have the GL.  Everything is hooked up with good quality unbalanced cables.
> Matt