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Re: Patch Bay Question...

Duke Sexton wrote:

> space in my new rack to integrate it if I wish to do so.  My question for
> those using similar devices is: how many of you actually take advantage 
> the flexible patching functionality during performance, versus merely
> coming up with an overall "set it & forget it" configuration?

I'm using the Switchblade in my guitar rig.  I find the flexibility both
frustrating and liberating at times.  I've programmed 10 basic "utility" 
that I use most frequently for live performances (clean w/ delay, clean 
w/o delay,
distortion w/ delay, etc.)  Then I have more complicated routing 
for when looping is involved.  Even though the Switchblade is incredibly 
there are times when I wish it had more than two continuous controllers, 
effect my tone as much, had a programming interface for the Mac, etc.