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This Week! San Francisco Found Object Festival

San Francisco Found Object Festival

Please bring objects from home. Avant-garde, experimental and/or 
musicians will spontaneously create music using only items submitted by 
audience for sound sources.

2 nights - 2 venues:

Thursday, 9/19 8pm
509 Cultural Center
509 Ellis Street (at Leavenworth)
San Francisco

Featuring local experimental music hero Ernesto Diaz-Infante, the improv 
ensemble SKIZMZ, Avant-garde percussionist Moe! Staiano, thoughtful noise 
musician v.v., and Audiosports, an electronic music project.

Friday, 9/20 8pm
964 Natoma Street (between 10th and 11th)
San Francisco

Featuring found object looping pioneer Rick Walker (Loop.pooL), percussion 
prodigy Jon Wagner, sonic structuralist Jeremiah Moore, improvising 
electronic musician Mark Sottilaro, and the organizer, Matt Davignon.

For more information, contact Matt Davignon at 510-268-8213.

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