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Re: Feedback Pedal

At 07:49 AM 9/16/2002, Richard Zvonar wrote:
>At 8:23 AM -0500 9/16/02, M. Steven Ginn wrote:
>>I have connected a BOSS FV-50L pedal with a mono cable coming from Out 1
>>to the Feedback jack on my EDP.  For some reason, I don't seem to get
>>any response or control of Feedback.  Is there some other configuration
>>item that I am missing?  Is this not a good choice for a pedal?  What am
>>I doing wrong?
>You are not connecting the pedal properly. You either have to use an 
>expression pedal, the kind with an attached TRS cable, or you have to use 
>an "insert" cable with your FV-50L.

no, that is not correct. Ha! caught Richard not checking his facts. :-)

The way Steven is connecting the pedal is correct. We used the volume 
control method for two reasons: we figured many customers would be guitar 
players who would already own volume pedals, and because it allows you to 
use any available mono patch cord for convenience of replacement and 
convenience of cable length.

>One end of the insert cable has a TRS (stereo) plug and the other end has 
>a pair of mono plugs. Plug the TRS end into the feedback jack and plug 
>mono ends into the input and output jacks on the pedal.
>To understand why this works, and why using a mono cable doesn't work, 
>must know that the feedback jack supplies a DC voltage to the ring of the 
>plug that is plugged into it, and this voltage is scaled by the 
>potentiometer in the pedal and then returned to the tip of the plug. You 
>need to use a cable that will feed the signal from the ring through the 
>pot and back to the tip. A mono cable won't do that.

no, that is not how the EDP feedback jack works. It just uses the 
resistance between the sleeve and the tip on the output of a volume pedal. 
It only requires an ordinary mono cable.


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