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Re: Z-Vex Lo-Fi Loop Junky

Ohboy am I slow, but I did get my chips (definitely what Zachary uses) from
Digi-Key recently and will be (slowly) trying to work these things into a
Low Fi Looper Something Or Other.

Have searched the web hoping for a Z-Vex Lo Fi Looper schematic, to no
avail.  Am wondering how he gets the modulation.  Anyone with a clue please
drop me a line?

BTW, any LFL owner just *may* be able to increase their fidelity a hair by
replacing the 2.7 kHz chip with a 3.2 kHz version (*way* longer sample 
available, too), if Z. has used a socket--though that may be unlikely...

David Lee Myers

on 9/16/02 11:31 AM, burnett@pobox.com at burnett@pobox.com wrote:

> On Mon, 16 Sep 2002 PJBMHB@aol.com wrote:
>> Howdy Fellow Loopers and Loopees,
>> Anyone try or buy one
>> of these puppies? I got one a couple days ago and am having a blast w/ 
>it in
>> conjunction w/ my Line6 Dl4. It is basically a lo-fi looper that can 
>loop up
>> to 20 seconds of grungy analog audio. Very fun. Has depth and speed 
>> for added weirdness.                                          =-) PJ
> Got one when it came out earlier this year: I found it interesting and
> cool. Doesn't do sound-on-sound looping, but it's the size of a cellphone
> and 20 seconds is long enough to do interesting rhythms with. The 
> tremelo is useful, and the tone control can be tweaked during playback
> from not altered much to an almost synth-like tone. I've found it useful.
> I pack it with my Stick & headphone amp for practice purposes if I'm
> travelling, and it's part of my effects I perform with (along with a
> Headrush: I haven't used the Repeater out yet although that's likely to
> change at the end of this month, and I'm saving for an EDP).
> (I'll forestall the almost inevitable "where do I find info on this?" and
> include the link now :) )
> http://www.zvex.com/junky.html
> best,
> Steve Burnett