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Re: Andre EDP Loops

Neat idea.  What about doing tempo along with pitch - faster tempo 
with higher pitch and slower tempo combined with lower pitch?  Throw in a 
way to switch directions (forward, reverse) and it seems like that would 
an even closer approximation of scratching.

For example - you choose a midpoint of your control range.  The first 
to either side of the midpoint changes direction of playback (mid + 1 == 
forward and mid - 1 == reverse).  Then as the control values get further 
away from the mid you increase/decrease pitch and tempo.

The difficulty would be establishing that mid point (and limiting the 
change of direction to only two single control values) via a typical 
controller.  Seems possible with a computer or maybe an outboard midi 

How configurable is the DBeam?

At 11:10 AM 2002/09/14, Goddess wrote:
>   I'm simulating a sort of scratch using the DBeam on the MC-505 to send
>note messages to pitchshift tracks in the Repeater.   When done quickly, 
>sounds like scratching.   Woohoo!   -lots of fun!   -and can be very
>musical too...