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Re: Andre EDP Loops

  I'm simulating a sort of scratch using the DBeam on the MC-505 to send
note messages to pitchshift tracks in the Repeater.   When done quickly, it
sounds like scratching.   Woohoo!   -lots of fun!   -and can be very
musical too...  



At 09:53 AM 9/14/02 -0700, you wrote:
>I must say, that as a Repeater owner I pretty much *never* use this 
>though I could see how a "DJ" type user would.  The Repeater is (was)
>obviously going for that market, where the EDP seems more aligned to a
>instrumentalist.  No?  Of course, each can be used by either, but I'm 
>about general design philosophy.  Hell, the Repeater's got a built in 
>preamp.  Hell, if I were a company that was going to re-release the 
>I'd put it in a DJ mixer and add a way to scratch loops.
>Mark Sottilaro
>Kim Flint wrote:
>> The lack of a saving capability in the EDP is a limitation, but at the 
>> time I found it oddly liberating after a while. I used to hate it when I
>> had created a really cool loop and then had to destroy it later. It 
>> really negative at first. But after a while this create-and-destroy 
>> caused me to realize that if I created something good once I could 
>> something good again. A feeling of confidence grew out of that - I could
>> rely on myself rather than a hard disk. From an improvising standpoint 
>> was a great learning experience. It's certainly not a concept you can
>> easily market, yet I'm glad to have had it....


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