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Re: Crest XR-20 mixer

At 8:34 PM -0600 3/28/02, Eric Williamson wrote:

>ah yes ... speck. they make this mixer now: 
>it has _it's_ limitations, as well. you get 8 busses and 8 sends, but they
>aren't independantly addressable.

XTRAMIX seems to have supplanted the SSM in a lot of racks. As always 
there is a tradeoff between functionality and compactness.

The Speck mixers have been in vogue among L.A. session players. I 
bought mine from a film composer who was moving to New York.

>having worked with 2 of the most-interesting-yet-underrated female 
>musicians of the 20th century: diamanda galas and pauline oliveros.

I've worked with Pamela Z and Laurie Anderson as well, though not to 
the extent of the work with PO and DG.

Over the years I've collaborated with quite a few amazingly talented 
women (and gay men too, for that matter). I generally prefer to keep 
the gender energies nicely balanced.

>i believe we have dear pauline to thank for this whole ambient looping 

I agree.

>oh yeah and diamanda is the sexiest woman alive. :)

No comment.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202