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Review: Pedro Felix at Chama 3.28.2002

I caught the Pedro Felix Experience earlier this evening
and it was real nice to catch him in an extended setting.
He played for about an hour and a half with his Steinberger
guitar and a small rack with three Digitech echo/looping
devices, an EDP and bunch of modified switching devices.
What did it sound like? Mr. Felix will loop his gtr and then
speed it up or slow it down, wait and then add a live part.
Or layer parts and change the speed of the loop.
Who does the Pedro Felix Experience sound like?
Sorta like Pauline Oliveros crossed with John Zorn or
Elliott Sharp, but different - he sounds like himself.
What I heard sounds like a kid abusing a turntable in realtime
with guitar player from Mars as the source and that's good!
loop you later...