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Re: Crest XR-20 mixer

dr zvonar wrote:
>My home studio has a set of Speck SSM mixers - even more expensive
>than the ones we've been talking about, but with their own sets of

ah yes ... speck. they make this mixer now: 
it has _it's_ limitations, as well. you get 8 busses and 8 sends, but they
aren't independantly addressable.

so frustrating an issue ... it makes me want to build my own mixer from
synthesizers.com modules hahahah....

>The XRM is a monitor mix configuration with rotary pots rather than
>faders on the inputs. 12 mono + 4 stereo inputs. 12 mono mixes or 6

_that's_ the one that i wanted originally. i really am not a big fan of 
potentiometers ... knobs have always felt better to me.

on a completely different note, i'm rather impressed with your resume ... 
worked with 2 of the most-interesting-yet-underrated female musicians of 
20th century: diamanda galas and pauline oliveros.  i believe we have dear
pauline to thank for this whole ambient looping thing.

oh yeah and diamanda is the sexiest woman alive. :)

Eric Williamson