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Re: Crest XR-20 mixer

At 6:29 PM -0600 3/28/02, Eric Williamson wrote:

>i don't know though ... it's pretty expensive.

I suppose you get what you pay for - if you can pay for it.  I know 
what you mean. I've been putting up with the Mackie 1604 just because 
the amount of performing I was doing didn't justify the outlay. Now 
that may be changing.

My home studio has a set of Speck SSM mixers - even more expensive 
than the ones we've been talking about, but with their own sets of 
limitations. Eight auxiliary sends, but only two channel stereo out. 
I also have a Speck Assign 28 (28 x 8) that can be used to turn the 
SSM into an 8-bus, but it becomes a bit awkward for a live 
performance situation.

On the subject of the Crest X-Rack Series:

The XR-20 is one of three. The XR-24 is nearly identical, but instead 
of 12 mono + 4 stereo inputs it has 8 mono inputs + 8 stereo inputs.

The XRM is a monitor mix configuration with rotary pots rather than 
faders on the inputs. 12 mono + 4 stereo inputs. 12 mono mixes or 6 
stereo mixes. It has the same number of buses as the other two 
models, but rather than being divided between aux send and 
group/master out functions they are all equivalent. It would make a 
killer effects routing system if you could keep track of everything.

As Eric points out, these are a bit pricey:

XR-20   $2200
XR-24   $2400
XRM     $2600

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202