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Re: midi cabling...quality cables?

> It's true.  Moster Cable is based on "science lite"  It's not reality.
> . . .

Yes!  I agree!

My suggestion is to get *good* quality cables but not the ridiculously
expensive *premium* stuff.  IMHO, paying a little extra for good cables is
worth it.  After all, you've got a bunch of expensive equipment but it's
only as reliable as the weakest link.

BTW, a few years back I needed some long MIDI cables to link my rig to my
buddy's.  I built a couple of MIDI/XLR adapters so I could use some normal
balanced mic cables for the job.  Worked great!  Soldering MIDI connectors
takes a very steady hand, though.  (I think I had to de-caffeinate myself
for a few days prior...)

Dennis Leas