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Re: midi cabling...quality cables?

>> Midi cables are digital - the signal either gets there or it doesn't.
> That's not completely accurate, but it is for midi cables. Digital cables
> such as spdif can suffer from jitter and lag. On it's own, it's not all 
> noticeable, but it can make digital gear lose synch, which is very
> noticeable.
>> Lower quality cables are more likely to stop working eventually.
>> However, I've had good luck with Hosa cables, which are inexpensive.
> Yeah. What he said.
> bIz
yeah, here is my 2 centavos-i'm talkin guitar now: high end
cable(monster,george ls, etc.) for me doesnt work for audio!(i know yer
talkin midi) there is noticable transients and added something that i dont
get w/ cheap,that is regular wire(hosa,whirlwind,etc).it is not a quality
issue-you hear it or you dont. i have a/b ed them forever and just have
never found a reason for those high priced thangs,except marketing
strategies(ya know, i payed for this high priced  stuff and after that you
just have to say "wow what a difference").fwiw
(hope i'm not steppin on any toes)