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Re: midi cabling...quality cables?

It's true.  Moster Cable is based on "science lite"  It's not reality.  
waste your money.  Any large guage cable is fine.  The funniest part is 
their rca cables have arrows showing which way the alternating current is
supposed to flow.  That's rich.


Stan Card wrote:

> >
> >> Midi cables are digital - the signal either gets there or it doesn't.
> >
> > That's not completely accurate, but it is for midi cables. Digital 
> > such as spdif can suffer from jitter and lag. On it's own, it's not 
>all that
> > noticeable, but it can make digital gear lose synch, which is very
> > noticeable.
> >
> >> Lower quality cables are more likely to stop working eventually.
> >> However, I've had good luck with Hosa cables, which are inexpensive.
> >>
> >
> > Yeah. What he said.
> >
> > bIz
> yeah, here is my 2 centavos-i'm talkin guitar now: high end
> cable(monster,george ls, etc.) for me doesnt work for audio!(i know yer
> talkin midi) there is noticable transients and added something that i 
> get w/ cheap,that is regular wire(hosa,whirlwind,etc).it is not a quality
> issue-you hear it or you dont. i have a/b ed them forever and just have
> never found a reason for those high priced thangs,except marketing
> strategies(ya know, i payed for this high priced  stuff and after that 
> just have to say "wow what a difference").fwiw
> s
> (hope i'm not steppin on any toes)