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Re: Stuff for sale

on 3/22/02 5:50 AM, M. Steven Ginn at sginn@airmail.net wrote:

I am expanding my Zen Drum capabilities from simply drum set sounds to
various other sounds - would your Proteus 2000 with Protozoa card include
world percussion sounds and loops? I am thinking of buying the new E-MU
Planet Earth and listed right below that in the Full Compass cataloug is 
Proteus 2000...

Also I want to play through two amps. I have one Peavey currently and your
Peavey sounds like a good addition. Do you have pics to send of both the
Proteus and the Peavey?

> I am thinking of putting up the following items for sale on ebay but
> thought I would offer to those here  first.
> Proteus 2000 with Protozoa card (which includes the Proteus 1, 2 & 3).
> Racked only in non-smoking studio and is up to date with the latest OS
> upgrade from EMU.  It's a great synth/rompler for wind control (I'll
> even leave my programmed wind patches on it to use as an example) and in
> many respects is even more responsive than my Roland JV1010.  I have all
> the manuals, etc. to go with it. Even the box for the Protozoa! The
> street price is around $950, but I am asking $750 (plus s&h).
> MOTU 1224 Expansion Unit (means it doesn't include the PCI-324 card).  A
> 24 bit computer based digital audio harddisk recording unit for Mac or
> Windows.  The analog to digital converters are some of the best that
> MOTU makes and are comparable to some higher end units out there.  I
> only used this for one recording project and the quality is incredible.
> I have all the original manuals, etc. and like the P2K has been racked
> in a non-smoking studio. The street price is approximately $875, and I
> am asking only $650 (plus s&h).
> Peavy CS 400 Stereo Power Amp.  Peavy doesn't even make this power range
> anymore.  They only make the 200 and the 800 with nothing in between.
> This amp is rock solid and weighs about 50 pounds.  It is 3 rack spaces
> and can be configured as a stereo 200 w/ch, or mono 400 w amp.  If you
> don't know anything about these amps, they are most often used in major
> shows such as rock concerts because of their durability.  At Sam Ash,
> the CS800X sells for $639 and the CS200 sells for $369 so I think that
> asking $350 (plus s&h) is a pretty fair price.
> Please let me know OFF LIST if anyone is interested.
> Thanks,
> Steve Ginn
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