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Stuff for sale

I am thinking of putting up the following items for sale on ebay but
thought I would offer to those here  first.  

Proteus 2000 with Protozoa card (which includes the Proteus 1, 2 & 3).
Racked only in non-smoking studio and is up to date with the latest OS
upgrade from EMU.  It's a great synth/rompler for wind control (I'll
even leave my programmed wind patches on it to use as an example) and in
many respects is even more responsive than my Roland JV1010.  I have all
the manuals, etc. to go with it. Even the box for the Protozoa! The
street price is around $950, but I am asking $750 (plus s&h).

MOTU 1224 Expansion Unit (means it doesn't include the PCI-324 card).  A
24 bit computer based digital audio harddisk recording unit for Mac or
Windows.  The analog to digital converters are some of the best that
MOTU makes and are comparable to some higher end units out there.  I
only used this for one recording project and the quality is incredible.
I have all the original manuals, etc. and like the P2K has been racked
in a non-smoking studio. The street price is approximately $875, and I
am asking only $650 (plus s&h).

Peavy CS 400 Stereo Power Amp.  Peavy doesn't even make this power range
anymore.  They only make the 200 and the 800 with nothing in between.
This amp is rock solid and weighs about 50 pounds.  It is 3 rack spaces
and can be configured as a stereo 200 w/ch, or mono 400 w amp.  If you
don't know anything about these amps, they are most often used in major
shows such as rock concerts because of their durability.  At Sam Ash,
the CS800X sells for $639 and the CS200 sells for $369 so I think that
asking $350 (plus s&h) is a pretty fair price.

Please let me know OFF LIST if anyone is interested.


Steve Ginn