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Re: how was open loop/loopNY yesterday?

At 2:43 AM -0500 3/24/02, David Beardsley wrote:
>Last week the amazing Steve Sandberg showed up, but
>this week I was out of town. Any one new show up?

and Harry Esq. asked:

>i'm sorry i couldn't make it yesterday either - and won't be able to 
>be there until mid-april what with vacation and all - i will be 
>checking email to keep up on happenings though - hey tom, any chance 
>of a compilation cd of our first few weeks?  i'd love to be able to 
>hear some of it - regards to all - and happy holidays to those who 

It was quite different from the usual.  I knew that we were going to 
have few of our regulars,
at least I knew that David, Lena, Harry and Pedro (s'that right?) 
were out of town.

We had Tobi Joi, a cool Swiss musician playing his home-brewed 
Alphorn through an
EDP.  He can only come from 1pm to 2pm (he works) and we're going to 
him next week at 1pm and try to get people out for it (he's never had much 
an audience because he plays so early).

My old pal Jeremy Halpern showed up and did live looping with a little
Yamaha sequencer (a QY-70).

I didn't play too much at all :-D and even brought a book to read to
keep me away from the instruments ("The Mothman Prophecies",
HIGHLY recommended, also see the film if you can.)

There were some visitors from Looper's Delight, at least one of whom wanted
to play next week and should contact me as I totally forgot who you were!

I heard some looper gossip too but shan't reveal it.

We did well on paid admissions too (at $2 you can hardly go wrong).

We're going to change things around this Saturday by having some
assigned slots for players.  Several people have asked me for this
so that they can tell their friends when to show up to see them.

Contact me soonest if you want a slot.  Or, just drop by with gear.


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