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Re: how was open loop/loopNY yesterday?

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From: HarryEsq@aol.com 

>i'm sorry i couldn't make it yesterday either - and 
>won't be able to be there until mid-april what with
> vacation and all - i will be checking email to keep 
>up on happenings though - hey tom, any chance of 
>a compilation cd of our first few weeks?  i'd love to 
>be able to hear some of it - regards to all - and happy 
>holidays to those who celebrate -  harry 

Last time I saw Tom, his cut finger was worse (infected)
and he was having problems with the server for ExtremeNY (I see
the calendar is still down). And...if they taped it on Saturday,
they now have at least 30 hours of material to pick from.

So we may or may not have to wait for a while...

* David Beardsley
* http://biink.com
* http://mp3.com/davidbeardsley