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Adrenalinn MIDI noise

Hey gang,

I did a search on the archives, and came up blank, so I'll put this 
question out to you.  I'm checking out an Adrenalinn, and I must say, 
it's a fun little machine.  Sounds great... until I plug a midi clock 
into it.  Then I get this staticy clicking when ever I'm playing.  I 
assume it's always there and being gated out when there's no signal.  As 
soon as I unplug the midi, it's there again.   I tried all sorts of 
cable arraingments, but to no avail.  Any ideas?  Other than that, this 
box is a keeper.  (It's replacing a Roland EF303, which I felt sucks in 
all regards)  Though I wish it had a stereo input so it fit in my 
Repeater effects loop nicely.

I know I can use  it as a clock source, but that's really a pain in the 

Mark Sottilaro