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Re: how was open loop/loopNY yesterday?

>Last time I saw Tom, his cut finger was worse (infected)

It's actually much better now though it still looks bad.

>and he was having problems with the server for ExtremeNY (I see
>the calendar is still down).

Yes, this will occupy a lot of this weekend.  the server's
back up but there are "issues" with the new server.

>And...if they taped it on Saturday,
>they now have at least 30 hours of material to pick from.

Yes, we most certainly did tape it all though we missed about
an hour.  I have this weird phenomenon where the DAT suddenly
declares that it can't understand the digital signal and stops
recording and then later starts again... even if I turn the unit
on and off it doesn't fix it...

I'll be working to get CDs out fairly soon... in a couple
of weeks anyway.



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