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Vortex in Repeater's effects loop

I just got a Vortex and I have been using it in my Repeater’s effects loop.

It works great but one frustrating part is that when I engage the effects loop it brings down

the output volume considerably. This is a problem when I switch the effects loop on and

off which causes very noticeable volume fluctuations.


I have the input level on the Vortex set just below the overload level and the output volume is

at 64, which I assume is full.


I am feeding my Repeater stereo inputs from my Pendulum Acoustic guitar preamp and recording to track 1&2 and then to track 3&4. I first noticed this problem when I recorded a loop to track 1&2 and then turned on the effects loop. The volume dropped considerably.


Is this a common problem with the vortex or is there something I’m doing wrong with the Repeater.


Thanks any help is much appreciated!


Kevin McPeak