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RE: foot switch noise

I rigged up a foot switch system for my EDP using the FATAR PS-100
Switches, got them from Guitar Center for 5 bucks a piece. Very quite
and easy to hit. They are fairly large so it kinda took up some space
but was very accurate and quite. Now I use a FCB 1010 and that works
great as well.

Kevin McPeak

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Subject: Re: foot switch noise

this was my biggest problem with the allaccess.
they use heavy duty switches that require 4lbs to press,
and they do bestow a mighty kechunk...
it is also more difficult to place the click accurately in time.
i haven't used the dl-4, but maybe they used the same switch...

that's why i am using a separate fs for basic edp control.

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Subject: Re: foot switch noise

> At 01:25 PM 3/18/2002, jim palmer wrote:
> >i'm a little confused...
> >(or maybe a big confused)
> >are you guys referring to the acoustic sound of the button or an 
> >electronic click?
> I'm talking acoustic noise from the mechanical action of the switch.
> becomes electronic if you use a microphone.)
> you can hear the call of the DL-4 from across the room.
> kim
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