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Re: SF gig spam


In a message dated 3/13/02 2:21:23 PM, sine@zerocrossing.net writes:

>I did a noise piece once called "Honey I wrecked the 
>Stradivarius Water Skiing" that featured the 
>sound of a Les Paul knockoff getting chainsawed.

Reminds me of a piece I did in a gallery concert about 7-8 
years ago where I opened the concert by taking a hacksaw 
to a beautiful, vintage Martin 000 12-string (no Strad, 
but no cheap copy either). The results were ring-moded, 
looped and amped to near eardrum-bleeding levels with 
equally loud accompaniment of a live rock drummer
(no, it was not Dr. Bob).

I'd been doing a lot of ambient "Enoish" stuff in concerts 
previously and my audiences were starting to take on a
sort of "new agy" tofu and sprout sort of demographic. 
I felt it necessary to scare those folks away as soon 
as possible. It was particularly satisfying when half of the 
audience left within the first minute (falling over each other
and practically diving for the doors and windows to get out). 
They never returned . . . ever.

The remaining half of the audience and I had a great time 
after this rapid departure  . . . when I returned to more 
varied set of musical offerings. Sometimes it's fun to 
"mess" with people's preconceptions and stretch their 
limits a little (within reason). But sometimes it's actually