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Re: SF gig spam

>I'd been doing a lot of ambient "Enoish" stuff in concerts
>previously and my audiences were starting to take on a
>sort of "new agy" tofu and sprout sort of demographic.

ahaha...that's a great story, Ted.

reminds me of a similar experience i had with a band about '91.  we 
were very influenced by spacerock and english psychedelic stuff 
(suicide, spacemen 3, loop, neu!, early ride, can, stuff like that) 
and our production style was to push the drums and vocals deep into 
the mix and let the guitars just fly.

so imagine the looks on our faces as we're setting up for a gig, and 
we're soundchecking the drum machine (guitars not even turned on, 
yet).  the owner of the club comes up and says "you guys are WAY too 

hehe... clearing rooms was one of our forte's.

hmmmm...an advertising guy throwing around words like 'demographics'?

how's this:  Strategic Target Marketing!  :)