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Re: Real Woes

AOL absorbed WinAmp quite awhile ago.  They've absorbed many companies 
http://www.corp.aol.com/whoweare.html?) but not Real.  AOL and Real are 
separate entities.

At 12:57 AM 2002/03/12, Stephen wrote:
>Yep.  Now that Real/AOL/Time-Warner has safely absorbed even the venerable
>WinAmp (I find it difficult to understand how AOL's been allowed to 
>their competition since 1996), it's taking off the disguise and revealing
>itself as "RealOne".  Unfortunately the player is more than a player, and
>probably has more trick cookie transmissions in it than anyone's ever 
>dreamed.  And there's no other option now, if you want to play Real 
>What a surprise.  The only thing keeping me from converting everything
>online to Windows Media is its limited support on Macs - but I doubt that
>Mac users would support such a behemoth as Real/AOL/Time-Warner.  Or would
>they?  What's the Mac contingent say?