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Testing...testing...1...2...3...is this thing on?

Hello all,

Ted Killian Here. For some reason (which I still don't quite 
understand) I got bumped off the LD subscription list late 
last night (I was already in bed). I got some long message 
this morning about generating "excessive bounced e-mail 
messages" which didn't make too much sense to me. It 
was attached to a reply I'd made to Richard Zvonar 3 or 
4 days ago (to which he had made subsequent replies 
to me). Go figure.

Oh well. I don't understand these things very well so 
I am re-subscribing using one of my other AOL account 
names (this one is my "publisher" name with ASCAP, 
ArsOcarina@aol.com). I have another one for my ad business 
too, KillianCreative@aol.com. But Killinfo@aol.com was sort 
of the "Killian" family account name. The wife, the kids, me, 
everybody used it. If we had a dog or cat even they would 
have used it. Oh well. Now I will have a special mailbox that 
is just for music-, LD- and ASCAP-related messages.
I've been KILLINFO on the LD list since 1996. I guess it's 
time for a change.

I talked to the AOL support staff and got no help there
(surprise, surprise). I also wrote to Kim (who is obviously
a busy guy and is very easily forgiven for not replying). 
I find it curious that I have become so addicted to the goings
on of this discussion list that I simply couldn't do without 
it for a few hours. I simply HAD to resubscribe, to get 
connected back up again. Mybe this is evidence of a more 
serious problem. Perhaps I sould check into some rehab
clinic or 12-step program. Anybody know of one? Is
it online? Where do I subscribe? 


Ted Killian