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Re: GIGSPAM: more on my d-cell performance: 3/11: kcrw.org


>Man, sounds like a terrific lineup! 
tim just called; he can't make it.

>I've been a fan of Berne's for 
>years, ever since the "Fulton Street Maul" lp slipped out on 
>Columbia, and Torn and Berne together is almost unbelievable.
we play together a few times per year; he's truly a dear friend.
i produced his cd, 'the shell game' (2001, for thirsty ear) and 'science 
friction' (TBR 4/2002, for screwgun)..... and we have a trio w/craig 
already recorded, but as yet unmixed.....
>plans to record this group "officially"?
we'll see; 'tis a shame that tim can't make monday's performance.
dt / splattercell