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Re: Cali Loop Tour 2002?! - Here we go

Yes, folks, believe me, I'm getting just as sick of me posting here as
you all are, no doubt.  I'll try to make this the last one for a spell.

This just in: 

the weekend of the 22nd, or at least that Friday, is booked up for me,
and there are tentative plans for that Saturday as well.

So: Hans, Max?  Let's do something in SLO for the late week of the 28th,
if that's still open at the Sweet Springs Saloon for the Thursday Hans
mentioned.  If a Friday could be arranged as well, so much the better. 
If nothing else, I'm down with swinging up there on my own for a one-off
gig, though it'd be great to have Max along too.  It's possible that
Eric Oberthaler will be available, so my slot on a gig(s) in SLO could
be a duo show instead; I'll check with him on that ASAP.

Zvonar said he's in LA for the 30th, so getting him in on things this
time around might be a challenge, if it happens that weekend.  Hans or
Max, you wanna try his cell just in case?  

If a Kim/Matthias clinic happens on the 30th of this month, Max and I
could swing on up to Oakland from SLO.  If it happens later than the
30th, then I guess my car will see a bit more of this lovely state than
I did last year.  Worst case scenario is that I'll head back to LA the
following day after a gig or two in SLO, which is a darn good worst case

A house concert OTHER THAN the Aurisis clinic might be a good gig
option, if/when Max and I hit the Bay Area post-SLO show.  Any area
listers who might be up for that, feel free to give a holler this-a way.

Hans and Max, feel free to give a call if need be, and let me know what
I need to do/who I need to talk to in order to help facilitate things. 
Don't go and do anything that I could do instead!  And thanks once again
for your willingness to help out in any capacity.

Heeeeere we go.....

--Andre LaFosse