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Re: Doug Wimbush/Tackhead

At 1:57 PM -0600 3/7/2002, Bill Cummings wrote:
>Yea, and they stole the BASSLINE (for whitelines) from a tune by NY Art 
>band, Liquid Liquid !!!

Not to mention the bassline to "Good Times" (one of my all-time fave 
grooves) for Rappers Delight! But I think it's a little unfair to say 
that they "stole" the musical elements that were used in the early 
sugarhill rap records. The reason they used the "Good Times" line was 
because in the clubs at the time, the MC's were using the 
instrumental 12" mix of the tune to rap over. Probably the same was 
true of the Liquid Liquid tune. I'm reading an interesting, if rather 
enthusiastic, and not entirely well-written, but interesting 
nonetheless, book on the history of DJ's and dance music and clubs 
called "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life", by Bill Brewster and Frank 
Broughton, that looks at a lot these issues.

BTW, Wimbush has long been one of my fave bassists. The guy manages 
to totally over the top and completely in the pocket, as the 
situation demands, I pretty much dig everything he's done. His 
"Trippy Notes for Bass" cd is quite nice, and aptly titled.
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