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RE: Scratch - the movie / DJ sync

At 06:00 AM 3/7/2002, Dylan DeAnda wrote:
>Do any of you folks know of something that I can hook up to my turntable
>rig, somewhere in the path (2 turntables, 2 channel mixer, and an 
>fed into a 6 channel mixer) that can get a pulse out of what's coming out 
>either channel or just the master out?  I'd like to, in turn, feed this 
>the beat sync of the echoplex, and start to work with a sync'd sample, 
>I've been doing it by hand/ear so far.

There are beat detect to midi clock devices made for just this. you could 
use one to send midi clock to the echoplex to get in sync with the 

Red Sound makes some, probably there are others:
the product is called the "micro sync beat xtractor"


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