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RE: Scratch - the movie / DJ sync

Do any of you folks know of something that I can hook up to my turntable
rig, somewhere in the path (2 turntables, 2 channel mixer, and an echoplex,
fed into a 6 channel mixer) that can get a pulse out of what's coming out 
either channel or just the master out?  I'd like to, in turn, feed this 
the beat sync of the echoplex, and start to work with a sync'd sample, 
I've been doing it by hand/ear so far.

Thanks for you advice,


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> yes, I keep saying that I would like to play with a DJ that can send me a
> sync.
>  I think there are players that analyze the sound and create that
>  clock, or how do they add drum samples so acurately to CDs?
>  the two machines you mention have some "Beat Keeper" Sync, but do not
>  seem to be MIDI... well, any clock would be fine for the EDP!
>  --

Why not try BeatSyncing to their audio?
Perhaps with a bandpass filter to pick out a simple beat.

andy butler