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Re: Scratch - the movie / DJ sync

>  > yes, I keep saying that I would like to play with a DJ that can send 
>me a
>>  sync.
>>   I think there are players that analyze the sound and create that
>>   clock, or how do they add drum samples so acurately to CDs?
>>   the two machines you mention have some "Beat Keeper" Sync, but do not
>>   seem to be MIDI... well, any clock would be fine for the EDP!
>>   --
>Why not try BeatSyncing to their audio?
>Perhaps with a bandpass filter to pick out a simple beat.
>andy butler

hmm... I have done it from the computer... I may sometime have to 
adjust the filter when the sound changes... as long as there is a 
heavy bass drum its not a problem.

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