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Re: JamMan Upgrade

It seems from the posts that Bob's new upgrade is stable, yes? 
earlier versions  were reported to cause lots of unexpected 

Is this the case?  are y'all happy with the upgrade?

also, wasnt' there a fuss here a couple weeks ago about Bob's pages 
disappearing from the internet?  any news?



>I had an earlier version of Bob Sellon's upgrade in a JamMan that I
>reluctantly sold last year to move to the EDP/Repeater camp.
>The non-destructive and reversible fade is a terrific feature and I really
>wish I had it back.  Although great for other reasons, feedback control 
>as a
>fade isn't a subtitute for me because it is so tied to loop length. I
>usually want to fade in 20-30 secs, irregardless of loop length.   And 
>able to fade it back in is totally cool.  Controlling output volume 
>with a volume pedal on the output is ok, but its hard to do so smoothly, 
>it takes attention to focus on that rather than introducing the next 
>I'd love to see a midi command for the EDP that would do that.