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JamMan Upgrade

Upon returning home from Loopstock, I pried open my JamMan and installed a 
new upgrade chip I rec'd from Bob Sellon.  While I am still learning to 
the interface on this new software, I wanted to let you know how cool 
are already:
One very major thing is the ability to play four discrete loops 
simulataneously..much akin to the repeater.  Each of these "tracks" may 
its own placement in the stereo field (yes, STEREO) and each has its own 
NON-DESTRUCTIVE fade (with the fade rate controllable).  THis means I can 
have a loop (#1) with various overdubs running, add another "track" and 
another, and yet one more...and then fade out one or more, whilst playing 
r/t!  Better yet...the fade direction is REVERSABLE so I can fade them 
in too!...and until I replace them, I can recall those loops at any 
point...all via midi control or two 3 button footswitches.  Pretty darn 
It does not make the JamPuppy an EDP or repeater, but it does open up some 
exciting possibilities. I am still "limited" to 32 sec. of memory..but the 
manipulation level of that 32sec has made a quantum leap.
There is also a mellotron-type sampler mode, similar to the 'repeater, and 
he has added acess to the delay functions in the looper mode!
Being the thing now has multiple functions and "pages" for every dial 
setting on the original JamMAn (and the actual dial settings have no 
relevance anymore) it is gonna take me a little while to learn the ins and 
outs of the new system...but gosh it is fun!

BTW...I also found my technical gremlins at Loopstock were not in the 
JamDude, but rather in the MidiBuddy MIDI pedal I was using....it was not 
acting like my buddy that night!

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