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Re: Loopstock aftershock

At 11:55 PM -0800 3/5/02, Andre LaFosse wrote:

>The button presses were either triggering loops (I used four of them 
>in the EDP for the show), or sending messages to either restart 
>playback of a loop (for a stuttering effect), toggle between forward 
>and reverse playback, or... um, h#&f sp!@d.

>I also did a few bits with sending "drum" patterns out from the drum
>machine as MIDI events, which triggered what were originally rubato EDP
>loops in different rhythmic combinations.

I've developed several control panels in Max, to give random access 
to deeper levels of parameter control on various processors. The most 
highly developed version was for the TC2290. I assigned the Mac 
keyboard to trigger different functions or to set discrete parameter 
values. I also mapped faders for continuous controls of parameters 
that otherwise have to be set discretely.

I was using these systems on a Powerbook until at one gig the 
computer died. Since I wasn't inclined to repair or replace it at the 
time, I retired the computer and stuck to simple front panel control. 
It's been somewhere between a liberating discipline and a cumbersome 
drag to "perform" the Eventides with just the front panel keypads and 
soft knob, but I haven't been doing enough gigs to make interface 
building a pressing matter.


Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202