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Re: Loopstock aftershock

Hey there Richard,

Big thanks for stopping by the show tonight!  (And to Cliff as well.  LD
in tha house...)

Richard Zvonar wrote:
> he was using a manual controller in addition to the footswitches.
> It looked to me like it was a drum machine that was sending out note
> messages as remote button presses.

Exactly.  The button presses were either triggering loops (I used four
of them in the EDP for the show), or sending messages to either restart
playback of a loop (for a stuttering effect), toggle between forward and
reverse playback, or... um, h#&f sp!@d.  

Tell you the truth, Richard, I'm sure part of my technique with that
setup was inspired by your Loopstock set, and watching you tweak things
with button presses on your Eventides.  So I'm glad my thievery of your
licks came across OK to you! :)

I also did a few bits with sending "drum" patterns out from the drum
machine as MIDI events, which triggered what were originally rubato EDP
loops in different rhythmic combinations.  I really enjoyed the effect,
and it was fun to be able to walk around while the EDP played
ever-evolving rhythmic figures by itself.

Best part: the lady at the shop dug the show so much that I now have a
residency at the place.  First Tuesday of every month.  The next one
(April 2) will very likely be the public debut of my EDP duo with Eric
Oberthaler.  (Oh yeah, Eric:  We got a gig!)

Thanks again Dr. Z,

--Andre LaFosse