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Re: About Us - WAS: Post Loopstock Debriefing

If we're going to do that, how 'bout a building an "Internet looper"?

1) We do an internet broadcast.  However, at a receiver end (say in 
we echo the signal back.  Result?  A delay line.  Of course we should not
expect consistent delay time, etc.  More fun that way is my attitude.  We
can also close the loop and obtain infinite repeats (like a real loop vs.

2) Variation 1.  Say that the receiver end in London sends the stream to a
Looper in Japan.  Then Japan echoes back to Loopstock.  Result?  world-wide

3) Variation 2.  Include more than two hop-points.  Each hop-point can add
audio to the loop.  We get collaborative world-wide looping!


Dennis Leas

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> LOL!  OK, maybe next year....
> -Hans
> "Stephen P. Goodman" wrote:
> > In case I've not said it, I really miss being in the US!  :)   I'll 
> > back until the attendees are finished, though one thing that might be
> > nice for Loopstock 2003 would be [a] an internet broadcast, and [b] 
> > capability to play live from elsewhere (if only for the between sets
> > material).