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Re: what do loopers do when they're not looping?

> my music.  I still do 
> sessions and such, but 70% of my income is from solo
> bass/looping shows.
> hmmm...a solo bassist/looper who makes enough to buy
> a house in 
> California...am a I blessed or what?

you are my personal hero.  living out my dream!  not
to mention an inspiration to me who is desperately
trying to find the right project or build up my gear
to do it myself.

> BTW...I have just released my first solo CD, which
> some of you grabbed at 
> Loopstock.  There are some samples up at mp3.com

i'd definitely be interested in getting a copy of your
work to check out what you are doing.  unfortunately i
have no speaker hook up to the computer i use so i
can't hear your samples, but let me know how i can get
a copy of your work.

ever hear of square pusher?  i don't know much about
the act other than the tape that was made for me by an
old friend, but it is a bassist doing it all for a
solo gig.  the tape i have is really impressive and
from quite a long time ago taboot!

> www.mp3.com/max_valentino

later daze,
e va n|s sa b

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