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Re: what do loopers do when they're not looping?

Well...I am a professional musician, and actually do a lot of solo/looping 
gigs.  I have two teaching grants thru the California Arts Network and an 
Artist in Residence grant from the Calif. Arts Council. This allows me to 
quite a few art gallery/museum shows, as well as such weird gigs as a tour 
of several venues in the Caliif. Penal System!

This reminds me of Jon W's "salute" to Rick Walker at Loopstock.  I 
I too am somewhat of a protege of Rick's (he and Bill really got me into 
looping; prodding me until I finally got a looper....)For some time I was 
most concerned with making money thru music. I struggled as a session 
player/sideman in various styles, until, heeding Rick's wise advice, I 
to follow my heart. Now I make a comfortable living doing what I really 
love. I am much happier, and I think that shows thru my music.  I still do 
sessions and such, but 70% of my income is from solo bass/looping shows.
hmmm...a solo bassist/looper who makes enough to buy a house in 
California...am a I blessed or what?
BTW...I have just released my first solo CD, which some of you grabbed at 
Loopstock.  There are some samples up at mp3.com


let me know what you think...

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