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Re: Loopstock appreciation

First, a big round of thanks to Hans for pulling this together.

Second, I think it's rather striking that going into this the schedule
looked like a disaster waiting to happen and the catch phrase for the day
seemed to become "You've got another 25 minutes to play". The fact that we
managed to stay more or less on or ahead of schedule the whole day is 

Third, I want to thank the very welcoming and appreciative audience. It was
great seeing so many people from the list. (We should, however, have had
some sort of a prize for anyone not on the list who came to the show.) I've
thought recently that one of the nice things about looping is that it
frequently gives one more of a chance to look at the audience. Then, of
course, there was my set where I was so focused on not making a fool of
myself that I more or less forgot to really open up to the audience...